"Bear Witness of the Light" John 1:7

A World Gathering of Orthodox Youth

August 10-18

Suprasl, Poland

About Suprasl 2023

What is Suprasl 2023?

Supraśl 2023 is an international Orthodox youth gathering organised by Suprasl: A World Fellowship of Orthodox Youth and hosted by the Orthodox Church of Poland and the Fellowship of Orthodox Youth in Poland.

Supraśl 2023 will bring together Orthodox youth to share in worship and fellowship, to encourage each other in their faith in Jesus Christ, to experience the unity and universality of the One Holy Church and to "bear witness of the light" (John 1:7).

Who is it for?

Participation in Supraśl 2023 is open to Orthodox Christian youth aged 16*- 30 (*we invite youth aged 16-17 to participate if accompanied by an adult). Priority will be given to participants who are actively engaged in Orthodox youth work.

How can I participate?

You can apply here now:

The participation fee for Suprasl 2023 is 200€ and includes all meals, accomodations and excursions.


Recognizing the need to network, connect, and gather in fellowship the youth of the Orthodox Church worldwide, nearly 100 youth from around the world gathered at the Monastery of the Annunciation in Suprasl, Poland in July 2022 for the first World Gathering of Orthodox Youth. Motivated by their experience and desire for more opportunities to meet and share their Orthodox faith, we created Suprasl to provide a platform for Orthodox youth who are eager to meet and build up Christ's Church together.

Since July 2022 Suprasl has cooperated with the Fellowship of Orthodox Youth in Poland in bringing together over 300 youth a celebration of the World Day of Orthodox Youth in February 2023 in Warsaw, and it has launched a Orthodoxy and Ecology Leadership Training Programme.

What to Expect?

Prayer and worship our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ will be at the heart of Suprasl 2023 with morning and evening prayers in the cathedral church of the Monastery of the Annunciation.

The theme of Suprasl 2023 "bear witness to the light" John 1:7 will be explored by a series of discussions offered by Fr. John Behr and participants will be encouraged to offer their own reflections on the challenges and opportunities to share the light of Jesus Christ with their peers and the world around them.

A key aspect of this year's gathering will be the participation in the walking pilgrimage to the Holy Mountain of Grabarka and the Monastery of Saints Mary and Martha. Participants of Suprasl 2023 will join thousands of pilgrims on this unqiue walking pilgrimage.

Other workshops will include:

•Orthodoxy and Artificial Intelligence: exploring the challenges

and opportunities that AI poses to spiritual life

• Orthodox Action: the life and work of St Maria of Paris

• Liturgical and Folk Music

• Orthodoxy and Ecology

• Missions

and more

Other activities during Suprasl 2023 will include sporting activities like kayaking and volleyball, an excursion to sacred and cultural sites in Eastern Poland, including the Bialoweiza Forest, the oldest strictly preserved medieval forest in Europe and other monasteries and churches.

Suprasl 2023

Bearing Witness Together




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Join your Orthodox brothers and sisters from around the world, share your faith, make new friends, and celebrate the unity of our Orthodox faith.

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