Training Institute &

Project Incubator

The Suprasl Training Institute

and Project Incubator Empowers, ​Trains and Supports Young ​Orthodox Leaders to Create ​Projects that impact the Church ​and Communities

Realisng Dreams

Building Community

  • Do you have a project that you have been ​dreaming to implement but just don't know where ​to start?

  • Do you see a need in your local community and ​you have an idea to address it but lack the ​resources to do so?

  • Do you want to meet with other Orthodox Youth in ​an atmosphere of creativity and service?

Then Suprasl is for you.

We will give you the tools you need to take your ​ideas from vision to action.

Our Goals

The Goals of the Suprasl Leadership Institute are:

  • Foster cooperation, creativity, unity, and ​volunteerism among Orthodox young people ​around the world.
  • To provide the mentorship and training youth ​need to develop the necessary skills to create ​projects that will make a difference in their ​local communities and globally and grow ​personally and spiritually.
  • To bring together Orthodox youth of different ​ethnic, national, linguistic and social ​backgrounds to encounter each other, ​exchange experiences, ideas.
  • Create formative opportunities that equip ​participants to serve each person as the ​image of Christ.
  • Empower participants in their own ​communities by equipping them with the ​tools needed to serve.

Our Model

Challenge the ​Process

Model the Way

Set a good example for ​others by practicing what ​you preach and leading by ​example. This involves ​being kind and respectful ​to others, and acting in

accordance with Christian ​values and beliefs.

"In all things showing ​yourself to be a pattern of ​good works; in doctrine ​showing integrity, ​reverence,incorruptibility" ​Titus 2:7

Create positive change by ​challenging the status quo ​and looking for new and ​innovative ways to achieve ​your goals. Take risks and ​try new things, even if they ​may be uncomfortable or ​difficult. Stay true to your ​values and mission as a ​Christian community, and ​communicate the reasons ​behind your decisions to ​others.

"So He said, “Come.” And ​when Peter had come down

out of the boat, he walked ​on the water to go to Jesus."

Matthew 14:29:

Inspire a Shared Vision

Share a vision that is meaningful and inspiring, ​and encourage others to contribute their own ​ideas and perspectives. This means setting ​goals and objectives that align with your ​values and mission as a Christian community, ​and communicating this vision to others in a ​positive and motivating way.

"Now the Lord spoke to Paul in the night by a ​vision, “Do not be afraid, but speak, and do not ​keep silent" Acts 18:9

Enable Others to ​Act

Empower others by ​creating a culture

of collaboration and ​teamwork. Encourage ​others to contribute their ​own ideas and ​perspectives, and create

opportunities for everyone ​to participate and take ​ownership of their work. ​Recognize the

contributions of others and ​create a supportive

environment where ​everyone feels valued and ​respected.

"For as the body is one and ​has many members, but all ​the members of that one ​body, being many, are one ​body, so also is Christ." 1 ​Corinthians 12:12

By practicing these habits ​consistently, young Christian ​leaders can improve their ​leadership skills and create a ​positive impact on their ​community. The leadership ​challenge emphasizes the ​importance of ongoing learning ​and growth as a leader.

Encourage the ​Heart

Create a positive and ​supportive work

environment by recognizing ​and celebrating the ​contributions of others. ​Show appreciation for the ​hard work and dedication of ​your peers, and acknowledge ​their accomplishments and ​successes. This creates a ​sense of community and ​belonging that inspires ​others to be their best ​selves.

"First, I thank my God ​through Jesus Christ for you ​all, that your faith is spoken ​of throughout the whole ​world." Romans 1:8

Course Content

We've designed the Suprasl Training Institute and Project Incubator to teach young leaders how to ​identify need, and take creative projects from vision to action. Our team will guide paticipants step-by-​step through the process of creating projects that make a difference.

We welcome you to bring your vision and ideas to Suprasl, but we also welcome leaders who are looking ​for a place to develop ideas.

In Suprasl you will learn:

●How to use Design Thinking to identify solutions

● Presentations and presentation skills

● Creating an action plan

● Assessing & using resources: human, material, financial

● Teamwork /`Team building, building consensus, team management, delegating work & conflict ​resolution

● Project promotion and reporting for maximum multiplier effect (social media, web design, email ​marketing, video)

● administration skills: formulating, corresponding, minute taking, file & archive organisation

● finances: fund raising, fund management, accountance, accountability

● evaluation techniques

● project management

The Facility

The Suprasl Youth Leadership Institute is a collaborative effort with the Akademia ​Supraska (Suprasl Academy) at the Monastery of the Annunciation in the Suprasl, ​Poland. The Academy is a professional conference center with five conference ​rooms, an auditorium, a restaurant and accommodation for 85 people . The center is ​equipped with simultaneous translation equipment, Wifi and modern audio/visual ​equipment. It is within walking distance to sports fields and the Suprasl river which ​provides opportunities of swimming and kayaking.

Our Team

Gabriela Pipirig

Gabriela is a professional trainer and project manager. She works ​with EU Institutions in Brussles, Belgium. She is orginally from ​Romania and served for many years in ASCOR, the Romanian ​Orthodox Student Organiation in Romania

Protodeacon Konstantin Dojic

Protodeacon Konstantin is a member of the Serbian Orthodox ​Church. He is responsible for the management of development ​projects for the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro and ​has over 15 years experience working with the United Nations, ​the European Union and other governmental and non-​governmental organisation.

Izabela Senderacka

Izabela is a professor at the Bialystok University of ​Technology. She holds a Phd in Economics and Philosophy ​and has done postdoctoral work at Stanford University's ​Science - Management - Commercialization Programme. ​Izabela specializes in Design Thinking in the corporate

and non-profit world.

Piotr Mihalczuk

Piotr is the Chief Growth Officer at Lingaro, an IT Services ​and Consulting Company. Piotr has done postgraduate work ​at Stanford Univeristy and is a graduate of the Berlin School ​of Economics. Piotr has more than 20 years experience in ​training leaders in the corporate and NGO world. The son of n ​priest, Piotr participated and helped lead international pan-​Orthodox youth events with the Fellowship of Orthodox ​Youth in Poland and Syndesmos.

History of the Leadership Institute

The Suprasl Leadership institute has its beginnings in the youth ministry work of Archpriest John ​Matusiak and the institute itself is a realization of his desire for the establishment of a permanent ​international training center for Orthodox youth and youth leaders.

In 1991, Fr John organised an Orthodox Summer School in the suburbs of Moscow. Having led ​pilgrimages to Russia since the late 1970's, Father John became well known to the bishops, clergy and ​lay leaders in the Orthodox Church in Russia during the Soviet Period. When the Church in Russia ​began to open in the early 1990's the need for youth ministry and youth education became critical. ​Father John began working with a group of high school and college students in Moscow who for years

had been learning about their Orthodox faith in secret meetings in an apartment. In 1990 Father John ​traveled to Moscow and began working with these students to mold them into the first generation of

youth leaders.

That initial meeting led to what became an annual ​Summer School and a series of training courses that took ​place throughout Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Poland ​between 1991 - 2002. In 1994 Father John established ​the Suprasl Summer Institute, a ten day program in the ​summer that brought young people from around the ​world together to learn more about their faith, ​encounter one another, and receive training to be ​leaders in their local context. The program took place at ​the Monastery of the Annunciation in Suprasl, Poland. ​Father John's long term goal was to establish a ​permanent training center for Orthodox youth. With the ​establishment of Suprasl Training Institute and Project ​Incubator this goal is now coming to fruition.

Father John saw a need to train young people to be the now of the Church, not just the future. In ​a series an essays on youth ministry published by Syndesmos, the World Fellowship of Orthodox ​Youth, Father John wrote, "Youth must not only be ministered to but they must be encouraged, ​trained and allowed to minister to others as living expressions of their faith and belief in Jesus ​Christ." This encouragement and training is what the Suprasl Institute aims to do.

Father John Matusiak inspired hundreds of people around the world.

I consider him one of my teachers who changed my faith and my ​relationship to the Church. He came to Lviv in 1998 to lead a ​training course. During that course he told us incredible things and ​testified about his faith. And I was a young student of the ​theological seminary. He was the first priest in my life who showed ​the image of an active priest who is not afraid of challenges and is ​truly free.

Fr Andriy Pinchuk, Ukraine

Father Eric Tosi, New York, USA

Father Hildo Bos, Amsterdam, ​Netherlands

Contact us

Suprasl: A World Fellowship of ​Orthodox Youth

Director: Archdeacon Joseph Matusiak

Tel. +48.575.017.895


The Suprasl Leadership Institute and Project Incubator is made possible in ​large part by a grant from the Orthodox Vision Foundation and is a ​collaborative effort with the Akademia Supraska