Orthodox Youth ​Environmental ​Leadership Program

Suprasl and The Leadership ​Program

The Leadership Program Is a short-term online educational ​program focused on providing basic knowledge and ​understanding on the theology and spiritual teaching of the ​Orthodox Church on ecological matters, teaching about ​modern environmental challenges and raising the capacity of ​Orthodox youth to respond in a practical way to those ​challenges.

Suprasl is a world fellowship of Orthodox Youth founded in ​2022 following an international meeting of Orthodox youth at ​the Monastery of the Annunciation in Suprasl, Poland. Its aim ​is to provide opportunities for Orthodox youth from around ​the world to meet in prayer and fellowship, to encourage each ​other in their faith and love for Jesus Christ.

Who is it for?

The first level training is for Orthodox youth who are

concerned about the environmental and ​climate crisis and dedicated to action in ​their communities.

curious about how Churches can address ​environmental issues, and the theological ​and spiritual basis for action.

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interested in being part of a network of ​youth dedicated to protecting and ​renewing the natural enviornment.

Elements of the Course

3 online modules (once in a week, ca. 2.5 hours each, ​including core presentation, Q&A, small group work)

Environmental situation at a ​glance: science, policy, and ​public background



Introduction to Orthodox ​theology and church positions ​regarding environmental




Church community and ​environmental actions: what ​can be done, and how it can ​be done





Optional thematic online lectures from outstanding environmental ​experts and Church leaders on contemporary environmental issues ​and the role of the Church.

Program Staff

Eugeniy Lobanov is a Belarusian environmentalist, working for 20 years in the

area of sustainable lifestyle, chemical safety, waste management, on national and ​international level.

In Belarus Mr.Lobanov on publicly-oriented environmental and health issues, ​including Zero Waste, chemicals in products, addressing local environmental ​challenges, developing tools for public environmental monitoring and participation.

Mr. Lobanov works with several international environmental networks, including ​Coalition Clean Baltic (www.ccb.se), where he works as a Working Area Leader on ​Hazardous Substances and Marine Litter, and serves as the Board Chairperson.

Eugeniy is responsible for environmental affairs in the Belarus Orthodox Church, and ​has multi-years of experience addressing environmental issues within church ​communities.

Sergey Yushkevich is a graduate of the Orthodox Theological Institute of the ​Belarusian State University and holds a Master of Theology Degree in ​Philosophy. Sergey has led enviornmental workshops and programs within the ​Church since 2013 He specializes in working with church communities to ​implement practical and concrete ecological projects.

Hanna Kalinina, PhD is a lecturer in history and Church and environmental ​issues at the Institute of Theology of the Belarusian State University. A ​graduate of the institute herself, she has been involved in church and ecology ​projects since 2013.

The Basics

Open to all Orthodox Chrisitans

Working language English

Course duration 4 weeks

Class size 15-20

Age 18-35 (exemptions are possible)

Cost there is no set cost, we ask you to make a free-will

donation to Suprasl here

Application deadline March 1st

Selection of participants announced March 3rd

Tentative class dates March 9, March 16, March 23

Tentative time 18 30 – 21 00 (CET time).

Participants commit to participate in all obligatory training elements

Contact us

Environmental Leadership Program

Eugeny Lobanov

Email: suprasl.eco@gmail.com

Director Archdeacon Joseph Matusiak

Tel. +48.536.057428 (WhatsApp)

Email. jmatusiak@suprasl2022.org