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What is Suprasl?

Suprasl is a worldwide network that aims to bring Orthodox youth together to ​experience the unity and universality of the One Holy Church, to encourage ​and support eachother in their faith in Jesus Christ, and ultimately to teach ​them how to witness the Good News of our Lord and Savior.

Suprasl is an attempt to meet together in times when the Orthodox Church is ​struggling with unity and struggling to place itself vis-a-vis national, ethnic, ​political powers. It is a simple attempt to live our unity; to live what unites ​us; to live what gives us joy; to live what inspires us, and then to bring it ​home, to share it with all those around us.

Suprasl does this by organising three types of events each year:

Through these projects we ultimately aim to answer the question posed nearly ​seventy-five years ago by Orthodox theologian Nikos Nissiotis, "What are we, ​the Orthodox, going to do to avoid our sickness, namely, our indifference to ​one another?" While asked in a different time and context it remains as ​relevant, if not more so, today than it did in 1949.

We invite you to view our projects below and and join us in this ministry ​either as a participant or a supporter. To learn about supporting Suprasl with ​a financial gift please see here:

Our Projects

Who is Suprasl?

Suprasl is a non-profit international organisation governed by a Board ​Administrators and directed by an international group of professional youth ​workers and volunteers. It works with the blessing of His Beatitude

Suprasl Staff

Archdeacon Joseph Matusiak: Executive Director

Mr David Szejbut: Lead, World Gathering of Orthodox Youth

Mr Eugeniy Lobanov: Lead, Environmental Leadership Program

Partner Organisations

Fellowship of Orthodox Youth in Poland, Albanian Orthodox Church Youth ​Association, Pokrov Foundation - Bulgaria, Orthodox Youth Association of ​Finland (ONL), Orthodox Youth Association of Lithuania.


Archdeacon Joseph Matusiak

Tel. +48 536.057.428 (WhatsApp)

Tel. +1.914.687.5159 (US Local)


Suprasl is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, FEIN: 93-2166026

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