We are Just Beginning

In July 2022 85 student leaders from 22 countries, four ​continents and ten of the local autocephalos churches ​came together to participate in Suprasl 2022: A World ​Gathering of Orthodox Youth. With no agenda other ​than being together the students placed their faith in our ​Lord and asked the Holy Spirit to direct their work and ​future. Following the successful gathering in July, more ​than 50 of the participants have been working together to ​develop programs and events for next year and have ​decided to continue their work under the name: Suprasl: ​A World Fellowship of Orthodox Youth.

As we build a worldwide network of Orthodox Students ​we are also building our digital presence. So bear with us ​and check back early next year to view our new site. In ​the meantime please follow us on Facebook and ​Instagram.